TerraBallClassic Advertisers | Publisher Solutions

Our solution is designed to expand distribution of premium video, audio and image content across the web, providing broader reach and enhanced monetization
opportunities to publishers and advertisers.

Ad Format Served On TerraBallClassic

Ads served on TerraBallClassic can be :
- TerraBallClassicDBx : Display Banner ads displayed across all pages
- TerraBallClassicAdHoc:  Contextual advertising platform for online video, designed to place highly relevant ads against video on the TerraBallClassic.
Its unique because it leverages TerraBallClassic visual analysis and concept recognition technology to match emotive, compelling rich media ads to online audiences,
resulting in more effective marketing for advertisers and, most importantly, an engaging, compelling experience for consumers.

Types Include:

* Connected TV           *Pre-roll               *Branded Player       *Overlay          *Un-roll
* Sponsored Video       *Fixed Footer      *Toggle Skin              *Video Float    *Social Footer
*  Mobile Sidewalk


Our advert solution is designed to let advertisers achieve massive distribution of their advertising messages within a brand-safe, highly-targeted environment.

Why advertise on TerraBallClassic?

Asides offering our strategically and well positioned advert slots / display banner spaces across the TerraBallClassic web app, our contextual advertising platform for
online video is designed to place ads against any premium video on our inventory

Everybody loves entertainment,Right?

- You do, we do and you can bet your customers do too.
- But unlike others, TerraBallClassic allows our audience to watch videos, listen to music and view photos instantly all in one single platform.
- Every hour and second of the day, people are always doing what they love best – a chance to be entertained and be happy.
- Our audience knows that it's the advertising revenue that pays for the rich content that gets them entertained. Without the ads, there's no entertainment.
- Sound like a good environment for your brand? Contact us to learn more about how TerraBallClassic can amplify your reach.


Our publisher solution allows publishers and content creators have complete control over the advert revenue generated from their content or production on TerraBallClassic.
Our publisher solution allows publishers and content creators on TerraBallClassic  to monetary benefit from adverts that others display on their content in addition they  
also get monetary benefit from their own self generated advert sponsorship on their content.

Benefits also inclusive of real-time performance metrics and intelligence.

TerraBallClassic publisher portal encompasses:

a.    Content - Premium videos from over 1,100 content providers are available in pre-packaged or   completely curated channels.
b.    Configuration - Multiple video widgets for the Web and mobile are made easily available, with customization for size, style, number of channels and more.
c.    Reporting - allows for tracking of traffic, video views and publisher revenue earnings.

Finding your customers

We can offer you some clever targeting to pinpoint your potential customers, including demographics, location and music genre. Smarter than others and up there
with the best that digital media has to offer.

Of course, detailed tracking and reporting comes as standard.

If you're interested in finding out what TerraBallClassic can do for your brand, or your client's brand, please send us an email at