Crypto Game Operated By Smart Contract

Initial Token LP Locked on DeepLock ** 1st Token Burn Scheduled **

WIN BIG Earn Instant Crypto

Spot The Ball Coin , Age old online prize competition of Spot The Ball now incorporated into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology

Spot The Ball Coin is the world’s first fully and truly decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency cognitive game of skills and knowledge operated by an Bep20 smart contract making it the most trusted and secured sport themed fun game of skills and knowledge in the world.

Play and Get Free Token / Coupon Code

SpotTheBallCoin online prize game brings players all the best online spot the ball and what's more you get free tokens / coupon code as incentives or rewards for every calculated play entry you make. The more you play, the more free token you rake up and get to afford you more opportunity to win more and big .

How to Play SpotTheBallCoin

1.Select the spot where you think the ball should be
- Desktop & Tablets: rollover the image and click / tap.
- Mobile: tap and hold the magnifier to move around the image; release to pick a spot and tap

2.If you change your mind, use Cancel.

3.You can play Instant Play or Golden Power Play

4.Instant Plays reveals results instantly shortly after play is successfully submitted .

5.To win Instant Play (MVP) , you must accumulate all golden ball for each instant game play

6.Golden Power Play reveals results at the end of the week .

7.To win Golden Power Play (MVP) , you much correctly accumulate all golden balls available on each day's play .

8.If you correctly spot the ball, you accumulate all golden balls and win the Top Prize.

9.There are prizes for correctly spotting the right position of the ball every days play.

10.Good luck and happy spotting!

Play Entry Submission

Remember for every play entry to be eligible as a qualified and legal entry for winnings, your play entry must be submitted along with your payment for that particular game. Payment for play entry can be made electronically or can be made via purchase of coupon code / token. All forms of payment is as prescribed by promoters of this game. Please see How to Play for more instructions for play entry and payments. - Online Prize Game for everyone